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Please take the time to read this through as it will help you out in your money making, business seeking venture. Sit down, relax, get your favorite drink and read on. It will only take a few minutes of your time. But the information is valuable!
One of the frequent questions asked by many business opportunity seekers is, "Can I really make money online with my own business"? The honest answer to this question is ABSOLUTELY! Now, let's get one thing straight, if you are searching the Internet for a "get rich quick" program, YOU WILL NEVER FIND IT! Especially not with us, SoCal Wholesale Depot. We are NOT in the business of offering false hopes and promises. So why won't you find a "get rich quick" program? Because it does not exist! And if it does....IT'S A SCAM! But most of you already know this, hopefully!
Thousands of people are starting their very own home based business daily. Many "work at home" mom and dads are making a very descent income selling online products, services or both with their very own website. Some people have good paying jobs but would like to generate extra income on the side. "Website" is the "key", if you want to make money online, whether it be products or services, YOU NEED YOUR VERY OWN WEBSITE! It's similar to the Lotto. You can't win if you don't play. The same applies to the Internet business, to increase your earning potential you must have your very own website to market, promote and sell.  Yes, it is true you can use programs like eBay and Amazon to sell your products. But you must understand those are just a couple of ways you can sell online. Why restrict yourself from increasing your earning potential? When you do a search online you will come across many websites who are selling various products or services and many are making a good income doing so. And how are they generating their income? Via their own website! Your website is YOUR personal storefront! This is the place you send your prospective customers, family members, friends, coworkers or whomever. It is your Internet Store which is available to the World 24/7 365 days a year. Your Website is ALWAYS open and ready for business!  It is a MUST HAVE in the World Wide Business Web if you are serious about starting your own business and making extra money!
But, and here goes the "but", the question is, "Are YOU willing to work hard to make money online with your business? The fact is that most people are already working hard, every single day, only to make someone else rich while they make a measly paycheck every week or so. Truth is, one can work just as hard creating and building their very own business for themselves either part-time or full-time. 
The good news, there are many LEGITIMATE money making methods that do exist, which you can implement to start earning additional income today. How much income? Well, as much or as little as you want. Every individual will experience different results as everyone is different. You determine your success by your own hard work and determination!  Below we will mention several ways many people are generating income online everyday:
METHOD 1. TANGIBLE PRODUCTS: For example: Electronics, Clothing, Jewelry, Gifts & Collectibles, Home Decor, Patio Furniture and the list goes on. There are many products from many categories which you can sell.  You can also focus on specific items "niche" to sell and generate extra income. Your website can carry as little or as many products as you want. You basically look for wholesale distributors who will provide you with the products you wish to sell. Now, the key is to find "dropshippers" who will sell YOU the products at the wholesale cost and ship the orders directly to your customers for you. This method is most efficient and less costly as you never have to purchase items in advance or maintain inventory. Usually, there are NO minimum orders. You first sell the item, collect the money from your customer, you turn around and place the order with your Wholesale Dropship Supplier, the Wholesale dropshipper (your supplier) ships the order directly to your customer. You keep your profit which is the difference between YOUR wholesale cost and the Retail cost which your customer pays you directly. Simple as that! Once you obtain your own website you can load it with products from one wholesale supplier or several wholesale suppliers which allows you to expand and increase your product line! Once you have your very own website, YOU ARE IN COMPLETE CONTROL. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!
METHOD 2. AFFILIATE MARKETING This is a highly recommended money making method. It is very simple and FREE! It allows you to register as an Affiliate with other companies to sell their products or services and, in return, they pay you a certain percentage or "commission" on each sale! It works like this, let's take Amazon as an example. They offer a program known as "Affiliate Program". All you are required to do is fill out a simple online form with your name, address, etc. You also include the domain name of your website. Once you are registered and approved as an Affiliate you will need to log into your Affiliate acct with Amazon, choose the products or services you want to sell, obtain the "link code", paste it in your website. DONE! The products or services will automatically show up on your website for your customers to view and purchase. Many online entrepreneurs make a good living through Affiliate Marketing. There are many good resources online on how to be successful using this method!
METHOD 3. AD SHARING REVENUE: Here is another method used by thousands of online business owners who are generating revenue by placing "third party" ads on their website and earning a commission for every time a visitor clicks on the ads. Here is how this recommended method works. We will use our company, SoCal Wholesale Depot, as an example. If you take a look at the bottom of this page you will see the word "SPONSORS"  with a box with different ads. Every time one of our visitors clicks on any of the ads we earn a certain percentage on the ad depending on what the "bid" amount was for that ad. Usually, the commission is a whopping 50%. We currently use as the advertising company who provides the ads below. Again, it takes a few lines of HTML code, which they provide. We simply paste it into our website and automatically, the ads pop up, as you see below. Simple as that. The more visitors your website gains, the higher your earning potential! We also recommend Google Adsense and
So there you have it! Can you make money online with your own website? A 100% yes! Do you have the drive and determination to make it happen? Only you can answer that question! Once you get into the online business world you will see how much easier it becomes as you grow more knowledgeable and seasoned. Please contact us with any questions you might have.